Is Facebook spoiling the future of indian youths


Well it is very tricky and debatable question. Some says totally waste of time and other says it is useful. We can’t say who is right because it depends on one’s vision but we can say that average use is good. I am going to tell about fever of Facebook in indian youths. As we know India will be a country having most Facebook users by 2016 .now i will tell you what most of indian youth think about fb.
In India most of the youth only seeks friends means boys seeks girls and sometimes boys also (because of works like school assignment) . One other thing is that for indian youth Facebook is like a mirror in which images of them is seen by their friends means they upload their photos on fb and see that how many people will comment “looking handsome dude”
I am not saying that checking your face on facebook is wastage of time but i want to say that giving so much time to Facebook will surely affect your other more important job like studies
I tell you what i saw today in college .in my physics lab i was doing practical with my friend. after a while i saw that he was busy in chatting with a girl so i ignored him (usually i do so) . After completing the job we went to madam for next one.she asked about the practical which we were doing .my friend couldn’t give answer .it doesn’t matter that what happened there after that but main thing is that timing was so wrong so main thing is that we have to think about our future also
In India there is a competition among school children that who have more friends or who know about twitter or Facebook . In reality it is (i am not talking about big cities where youths are aware of it) found by me in my school days
So the number of Facebook user are increasing day by day
Somebody from west can think that what rubbish you wrote but it is true in indian towns and villages


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