Secret of incredible written work of greatest indian writer


If you know enough about indian literature then surely you know the person i am talking about. Yeah he is king of literature “PREMCHAND” . I am not going to tell you his life,work but one thing that always made me think that how can anyone write a story in such a way that you will find yourself at the place which is mentioned in story you are reading. One thing that you have to keep in mind that i am saying these things for potential readers. Uninterested people will never face such a condition. Now i will tell you what were reasons behind his writing.
Most of his novels are written about villages of India. In the novels he wrote about cruelty of Thakur’s ( an upper caste in India) , poverty of farmers, condition of womens etc. You can say what was special? anyone belongs to such environment can write about this.yeah,you are right ,anyone can but not so effectively. Premchand wrote the exact language and expression. You will feel the pain of farmer in novel and big reason is that Premchand understood the understanding of readers. He wrote that in a specific scene what was birds doing?,how much intensity of sunray was.
Answer of such questions make you feel the authenticity of novel. He was from a such village and very much familiar of the ending you will always found some sentences that describes a hidden meaning.
I am interested in novel so i felt it
And i invite all the reader to share what they found in a novel or story

Good bye

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