Will Nokia’s android phone help Nokia to get back their position


what do you think after reading the title. Ok i will provide you some information then decide what will be your answer.you have heard that nokia is making android phones but you will not get so when you will operate the device .you know why? Because it is not fully android phone .you will find its UI somewhat different. It has combination of android and windows phone . I think you will be not able to get apps for Nokia x series phones easily.play store is not given so you have to face some difficulty in finding apps as you know nokia windows phone has it’s own store.fear not you can download the apps from other store and i think processor,ram and all other specification are similar to other android phones .price vary between ₹7,000 to 10,000 .

Now one thing is that it will be problem for you if you never operated Windows Mobile .

And it will become difficult to operate such a phone for a common user.nokia has it’s big brand name then people will intend to by but it will be different experience for user.

Now what do you think will this change help nokia to get back what it loosed

Waiting for your reply…..

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