Android apps with android studio


Hi friends,
now-a-days every computer warm youngster wants to make apps for various o.s since android is more common o.s. If you want to make an android app then you can try android studio. first of all download the android studio
Here is link
click here to download
Before installing it you have to download two other distribution files

It is an automatic programme builder tool. if you have powerful internet connection then you shouldn’t worry about it because when you run your android studio and make a project first time, a.s automatically install the gradle case you have slow connection then you can download and install it manually. You have to download the gradle version supported by your android studio otherwise you will find yourself in trouble later .
Here is a link for gradle
click here to download
Ok i will tell you about installation of gradle later

It is a compiler and you have to download it for gradle .ensure the correct version supported by gardle before downloading check whether your system is 32bit or 64bit

Download it from here
click here

After downloading files you have to install it manually.
You have to install jdk first keep the file in programme files and change the environment variables and check it using command prompt
and after it put gradle file in .gradle folder in user/your administration name
after installing these files you can make app with basic knowledge of java

If yo have any type of problem concerning gradle ,jdk and android studio write me i will explain you whole process step by step

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Change your pc window without using installation disc (cd)


i am going to tell that how you can change your pc’s window without using disc. You can install it using usb stick (pen drive) .firstly you have to download the image of operating system which you want to install. Now you have to download software which makes your usb bootable.

Now insert your pen drive in pc’s slot and go to my computer. After it format usb with NTFS partition.after formatting it open software that will make it bootable. Select the option “create bootable usb” and now select the image location and click start button. When it completes ,eject usb and shutdown the pc .restart pc and click esc button before existing windows start it’s working. Chose boot the usb option and your window installation will be start.

This is useful for those pc which doesn’t have writer

I hope this will be helpful

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