is networking in India as good as youngster think


these days indian youngsters are taking interest in networking market and it has very bright future in India but Indian youngsters have very little knowledge about initial stage you can earn some cash but it will become difficult after a stage. It is because you have to seek interested people after all of your friends and you have to keep some things in mind
1- if you want to make future in it then build up your interest in it
2-understand it clearly because it is time taking and i am sure you would never want to waste your time in such a thing that gives you no profit
3-take course in networking based companies like CCNA(CISCO)

Now in India networking companies taking advantage of illiteracy of youth even Interested people are advised not to consult with their guardians but i advised one should consult with guardian honestly.forget the folks about millionaires.
You can check that a average member of such companies earn maximum ₹ 3,000 to ₹ 4,000 so don’t be fool
Your relationship with friends may turn into a profession so things are very clear before you. If you want to earn a lot then make it future you can’t manage your other jobs with it so be sincere


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